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Among the memories that always stay with us are our school time excursions and trips. We may forget many other events of our life but we never forget those great times with our schoolmates, during the carefree years of our childhood and adolescence.

Picturesque traditional places to enjoy, cultural spots that enhance education and most of all, meeting with other people and having the opportunity to observe and experience their original way of living.

School tours, especially in places as rich in landscape diversity, history and culture as Greece is, make school trips even more deeply engraved in our memories. From the open-air class rooms of the historical archaeological sites that shaped modern civilization worldwide, to the dream-like blue sea beaches, all the way to the mouthwatering delights of local cuisine and the seducing traditional as well as modern entertainment, Greece poses in the top ranks of school trips choices.  

We can tailor your itinerary to best meet your unique learning objectives and time frames and create a perfect school trip to be memorable to all students. Please send a quote

School tours to mainland

School tours to the Islands

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