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Welcome to our Sustainable Travel section, where we showcase our dedication to preserving the beauty and integrity of our world through responsible tourism. Our commitment to sustainability has inspired us to create two unique travel packages that allow you to explore the wonders of Greece while minimizing your environmental impact.


Slow Tourism

Discover the essence of Imathia with our "Imathia A.s.A.P" slow tourism experience, designed to fulfill your practical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Our carefully crafted packages offer a range of activities, accommodation, and transport options that promote sustainable growth and showcase the region's cultural and environmental treasures. Choose from 10 unique packages, including immersions in history, gastronomy, nature, and more, tailored to various traveler types and preferences. Imathia is easily accessible from Thessaloniki and boasts a diverse mix of rural landscapes, historic monuments, and vibrant local communities. Enjoy boutique accommodations, eco-friendly mobility options, and authentic experiences that embody the Slow Tourism philosophy. Embrace a journey that enriches your spirit and deepens your connection with the alluring charm of Imathia.


Sail in History

Set sail on a captivating journey with our "Sail in History" cruise, retracing ancient nautical routes from the colonization of Magna Graecia. Immerse yourself in cultural and environmental activities as you explore the rich history of ancient Greece and its colonies in Southern Italy. Discover enchanting destinations like Lefkada, with its striking blue beaches, and Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island, offering breathtaking landscapes and idyllic villages. Visit Ithaca, a preserved beauty with multiple bays that once served as a base for Corinthians' expeditions. Join us on this extraordinary cruise and experience the wonders of the past while embracing the awe-inspiring beauty of the Ionian Sea.

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