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Basic Coverage

With respect and a sense of responsibility to the customer, we work with the insurance company "EVROPAIKI PISTI". The coverages provided to the insured are listed below and are listed in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. They are included in the Insurance Terms Book that you have received.

a. Liability coverage:

1.Injuries or death per person or per event and material damage per event that may occur during organized travel up to the amount of 80,000 euros maximum.

2.Total liability throughout the validity of the insurance policy up to the amounts of 600,000 euros maximum.

b. Coverage of financial threats:

The insurance limit for any net financial losses is set at the amount of Euro 20,000 per loss event and Euro 50,000 in total for the entire duration of the insurance policy.

c. Repatriation coverage:

In case of bankruptcy of the insured company at the insurance limit for repatriation coverage by the same means that the customer originally traveled is set up to the amount of 1,500 euros for each traveler and up to the amount of 90,000 euros per loss event and a maximum coverage limit of 90,000 euros for the whole duration of insurance.

d. Insolvency allowance:

Insolvency allowance is also provided by the tourist office which will result in the return of those paid up to the amount of 20,000 euros per event and a total of 40,000 euros during the term of the contract.


Ask for the Travel Advisor to give you the detailed form.