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New technologies related to travel

At mazi travel we listen to the rhythm of the time and follow all the technological developments. Our goal is to provide you with more and more sophisticated and specialized services so that your trip becomes more comfortable, relaxing and fun. For this reason we have enriched our services with the following benefits and capabilities:

  • Online offer:

    We can send you our offer for your trip electronically on your computer or phone. Our offer will come to you in detail with videos, photos and a detailed description of the destination and the places you will visit.
  • Video call appointment

    We offer you the opportunity to book your travel package online by choosing a destination, means of transport and hotel of your choice. And if you want to interact with us without moving from the comfort of your couch, you only have to arrange a video call appointment and arrange your trip from home together with us.

    We designed our application mazitravel go app to accompany you every hour and minute of your trip, offering you valuable information. Log in to check in on your flight, see your route, easily find your way to your destination, discover the sights, restaurants, entertainment and culture centers of the area you are visiting. Use the app to download area maps and easily navigate anywhere without the need for an internet connection. A tourist and travel guide in your hands with all the necessary information for your destination!
  • Videos for your trip

    Before your departure we offer you a video guide, so that you are informed about the culture, the sights, the cuisine, the market and everything you want and need to know about your destination.
  • Online check in

    Travel time is for most a time of relaxation and carefree. For some others it is charged with professional obligations. No matter what category of traveler you belong to, you do not need to worry about the technical details of your trip. We will do the electronic check-in for your flights and we will send you the receipt by e-mail to your mobile or computer.
  • Audio tours

    We offer individual headphones to each traveler so that he listens to the tour throughout the trip without having to be next to the tour guide and maintaining the necessary distances.
  • eSIM cards

    We offers, according to customer needs, eSIM cards with affordable mobile data, avoiding roaming charges, directly on your smartphone!
  • We study for the near future the augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

    Always pioneers in the field of technological developments, we study in collaboration with large companies the possibility to choose the most suitable destination for you with the help of augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) programs. With our AR and VR programs you will be able to wander virtually and get information about a variety of destinations before reaching your final choice.

In the digital newsletters that we provide for your trip you can find additional useful applications

New Techologies

It is the most famous map application on the planet. With google maps you will download the map of the area you are in, you will navigate and you will find the address you are looking for as well as a variety of attractions, hotels, restaurants, museums and points of interest. In addition, you can download the map of the area you will visit before your trip to limit the use of data during your trip.

New Techologies

Tripline is a map on which you pin the stations of your route. At each stop you have made you can add notes and upload photos you have taken. It is essentially your interactive travel diary. A diary that you can easily share with your friends or companions.

New Techologies

Your travel diary! Download the app, create an account, connect to the internet and travel. The places you will visit, your route and the photos you will take will be the contents of a wonderful travel diary. Just leave the phone in your pocket and the Polarsteps app and will do all the rest for you.