Mazi travel undertakes and organizes any type of travel: for individual, organised tours and business trips, in Greece or all over the world. Considering your needs and budget, we prepare proposals and offer solutions that will leave you completely satisfied.

A. Travel Advisory Services for corporate clients Corporate travel consultants.

We are with you not only to organize your trip but also to provide you with advice on a permanent basis. We will look for you the best offers on airline tickets and hotels and we will deliver all the necessary documents to your place. We will check on a permanent basis, if you wish, the bonus miles of the company's employees. We will undertake the organization of dinners, events and even gala dinners that will suit the style and character of your company. And of course do not forget the V.I.P. services we can provide to executives and clients of your choice.

B. Corporate Incentive Travel and Reward Trips for Staff and Customers Incentives

One of the latest trends in international corporate space is incentive and rewarding trips for the staff. It is these short trips that companies organize to reward their outstanding executives, to promote their new products or services, to please their customers or simply to offer their executives the opportunity to relax, to escape the harsh daily routine and tighten their relationships. Depending on your goals and needs at that time, we plan short-term or multi-day programs such as:

  • Leisure trips to magical and dreamy places
  • Leisure trips of special interest for small groups (eg rafting, sailing, etc.).
  • trips for rest in special thalassotherapy centers inside and outside Greece, with courses of self-concentration, self-knowledge or whatever you want.

And if your budget does not allow you to arrange such a trip, we still have to suggest alternative actions such as:

  • Special entertaining artistic events, which we organize in collaboration with the most famous professionals in the field.
  • Individual, V.I.P. or mass guided tours of archeological and other sites of special interest inside and outside Greece.

We undertake your transportation by any means you wish!

With private jets, luxury cruise ships, sailboats, boats, limos, 4x4 cars for special missions, buses and rental cars.

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C. Conferences and Meetings

Do you want to organize the most successful conference? Do you want the participants to leave not only informed but also satisfied with the benefits and the procedural details? All you have to do is deal with the topics and the list of your guests because we will take care of everything else:

  • The research and finding of the appropriate space for the conference as well as the necessary rooms in hotels.
  • The specialized secretarial support with multilingual partners.
  • The signage inside and outside the venue of the Conference.
  • Audiovisual media, machinery and office equipment (where needed) or even translators.
  • Transportation of delegates by bus, mini buses or limos.
  • The organization of guided tours and visits to places of interest in the country / city. Serving all the travel needs of the participants.
  • The organization of special programs for the tour guides.
  • The design and finding of all the necessary conference material (dossiers, blocks, pens, name badges) or souvenirs.
  • Security guards where needed.

D. Individual trips to Greece and all over the world

If you want to travel alone, with family, your partner or a few good friends but you do not have the time, knowledge and experience to organize your trip, we take care of everything for you. We have been organizing trips with great success for 30 years:

  • Short-day or multi-day travel packages to the most popular destinations in Greece and abroad.
  • Honeymoon in dream earthly paradises.
  • Solo trips to fairytale castles, hotels or furnished apartments in the heart of your destination.
  • Youth trips to youth hostels to enjoy festivals, concerts and artistic events.
  • Relaxation and renewal trips to Spa centers that we have chosen for you in Greece and abroad.
  • A combination of destinations and means of transport for you who want to enrich your experiences and want it all in one.

E. Group trips to Greece and all over the world

There is no trip that our experienced partners have not organized again for our customers who have been following us with faith and dedication for 30 years. Hundreds of destinations, transportation options, variety of hotels and activities, inspirational guides, travel experiences. All this is waiting for you to taste in our organized group excursions. Every week all year round - and not just the holidays and vacations - you are guaranteed the opportunity to start with us for a unique group trip to the destination of your choice. Just choose the destination and we will arrange the best transportation and accommodation, we will provide you with the most pleasant and up-to-date tour guide, we will guide you to all the sights, we will show you the hidden treasures of each place and we will introduce you to the secrets and culture of the local population. And all this at the most competitive market prices.

F. Trips of Clubs and Associations

If you belong to a club, small company or association and you want to enjoy an escape with your team on a trip adjusted for you, you do not need to follow a group trip. We have the ability to organize your trip for as many people as you wish to the destination of your choice. Our extensive experience in organizing original trips for clubs and associations will leave you completely satisfied. We will organize your trip in every detail and at the prices you will set. Our offer will include a complete program, photos and description of all hotels, restaurants and entertainment centers, suggestions for the best use of your time and a complete financial analysis.

G. Air Tickets

And because we work with the largest airlines, we have extensive experience in the field and we handle a large volume of travelers every year, we have the opportunity to offer you a wide variety of ticket prices and route selection. Through the options that we will suggest you will be able to find the one that you like and that suits you the most.