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Your safety and pleasure is our primary concern. For 35 years mazi travel organizes all kinds of excursions and trips with responsibility, reliability and respect for the wishes of the customer. When you travel with us you trust your enjoyment and pleasure in the most trusted hands !

Small groups

We are one of the first who started organizing trips with small groups of travelers. Especially now that safety and comfort are a basic requirement of a trip, we have the experience and suggestions for you in order to enjoy your trip without worrying about overcrowding, distances, safety measures and personal space.

Group leaders and escorts

Our tour guides and escorts are fully trained to help you enjoy your trip to the fullest. They will guide you safely, they will give you detailed and interesting information, they will answer your every question, they will reveal to you the secrets of each place. It will be doubled in every step of your journey to feel safe and secure.

Safety in transportation 

For your safety, all means of transport composing our fleet (buses, mini vans, and cars) are systematically disinfected. During the trip, safety meters are strictly followed. Each passenger has a standard position - with the adjacent seat obligatory empty - and is required to wear a mask during the trip and use hand sanitizer before boarding.


We choose the hotels we work with with the same care we choose our partners. The hotels we recommend are guaranteed regarding their safety, cleanliness and quality services. All hygiene protocols are observed as well as all the necessary safety distances.


An important factor for having a good and pleasant time on a trip is the tasty food. That is why we will offer you tried and already tested options which will guarantee your pleasure. Whether it comes to big restaurants, traditional taverns or small bistros, enjoy your meal in a place that we have visited many times in the past and we highly recommend it now to you.