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Mazi travel - Coordinator Participant of European Union funded programs for the creation of tourism - cultural products

Our company is proud of the innovative tourism - cultural products that it has created and manages as Coordinator Participants of these 3 funded programs of the European Union in collaboration with the European Commission.




Experience a unique travel experience by choosing a destination, where shipwrecks from the classic period are located and take a dip in the history, adventure and magic offered by the seabed. From Alonissos to Methoni in Greece and from San Pietro to Crotone in Italy, the incomparable natural beauty of the places and the excellent accommodation options in them, offer the perfect combination of holidays for all lovers of the sea, divers or non divers. This project promises to create a unique life experience.

 See the programs here http://www.diveinhistory.com/

co funded EMFF en






This project has design new and attractive product family - experiential sailing cruises, based on the ancient naval routes from Metropolitan Greece to the regions of Southern Italy and the Ionian coast of Calabria, during the Second Great Colonization (Magna Graecia).

The tourist products created are characterized by a rich offer of cultural and scientific experiences for the participants: exploring the seabed, discovering the history of Magna Graecia and the routes of migration before 23 centuries, studying the route of pottery along the Ionian Sea, information about the methods of preservation, protection and restoration of our underwater cultural heritage, study and awareness about microplastics in the sea, recreational activities: diving, kitesurfing, etc., guided tours and excursions within the thematic program, as well as acquaintance with the Mediterranean diet in the area of ​​Magna Graecia during the colonization period.

See the programs here www.sailinhistory.eu

co funded EMFF en




Creating personalized 'dry diving' experiences to promote the Mediterranean underwater cultural heritage sites as special and unique tourist destinations. MeDryDive is about designing a new transnational themed tourism product with the theme of Underwater Cultural Heritage as a major tourist attraction. MeDryDive's innovation lies in the integration of personalized applications of the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) in the tourism product. The created digital content and CCI applications enrich the tourist experience and stimulate their interest in diving and their knowledge in the Mediterranean Underwater Cultural Heritage.

 See the programs here https://medrydive.eu/


co funded cosme horiz en

Dive into the world of classical antiquity in the waters of the Mediterranean, choosing one of the projects that suits you or all of them !