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City Break is the ultimate choice  for those who want to feel the pulse of an urban destination. Offering the opportunity to reveal the true character of a city, exploring all the hubs and the hidden spots, tasting culinary delicacies of local cuisines, together we will create memories that will never be forgotten.

Greece has become one of the most popular City Breaks destinations among experienced travelers around the world.

Our team of experts has carefully crafted each itinerary, designed to offer unique  experiences. Starting from Athens, the capital of Greece, and going north all the way to Thessaloniki and to the idyllic island of Crete. Each Greek city has its own authentic colors and a unique urban character, different features and qualities but the same unique Greek hospitality and famous local gastronomy.

For those who wish to dare we can take your City Breaks even further, to many appealing cities around the world.  Our  perfectly balanced itineraries, smartly combine free time with historical and cultural visits escorted with our experienced tour guides.

Discover as many as you can !

What better moment in life than wedding your loved one and starting your married life with a wonderful honeymoon trip!

This unforgettable time has to be really special. Either at a popular and famous resort or at a peaceful and serene place, it has to create unforgettable sensations and memories.

The variety of sceneries in Greece guarantees that each happy couple will find undoubtedly the appropriate setting of their dreamt honeymoon. To exchange their emotions and feelings and to generate even more, facilitated by the gorgeous surroundings.

We carefully listen to the desires and wants of the honored couple and we do everything we can to fulfill them. More than that, using our local knowledge, we propose fine additional ideas that target to making the honeymoon experience truly unique and worthwhile of its intrinsic romance and emotional grandeur.       

Trimming and smoothening all the aspects of the trip, we make it worth of the pure love of the couple.  

Classic or commonly demanded trips and tours, organized by our experienced personnel, are time tested and proven for their reliability. Over time, they became well certified for the high degree or pleasure they are able to generate to these that chose to have them. They contain the distilled experience and knowledge of the professionals that designed them. Undoubtedly, there is very little room for something unpredicted to happen and compromise one’s vacations.

But there are also many cases that we seek a more novel itinerary which will have our own touch of style and it will follow our voyage preferences to the last letter. Or, it may incorporate places and activities that are not demanded often by other travelers but still, we would like to have them in our lifetime and keep them preciously in our gallery of touristic memories.

Those tailor-made programs may include the “out of the beaten track” quests of travelers or just be perfectly harmonized with their individual pace of how they prefer to enjoy their holidays.

What ever the instance may be, our custom designed itineraries, made just for you and according to your fine-tuned traveling wishes, will guarantee the excellence and the satisfaction our ready-made programs offer for many years.    

When a country is gifted with 2,500 islands that surface like gems from the deep blue of the sea, it is a pity not to visit as many of them as you would desire. So many but at the same time so unique. Each with its own character and lures but with one thing in common, the guaranteed satisfaction of the travelers.

Some of them are very famous within the international tourist showcase and others are less so. But no matter what your choice will be, none of them will let you down.

The islanders themselves, with their open personalities and above all with their living tradition of hospitality and friendliness, will see that their small paradises will provide with abundance what visitors will be looking for. Many times, even with more pleasures than anticipated.       

Either with their dreamlike seascapes, their volcanic past that evolved to today’s landscape wonders, their culinary temptations, their millennium-long history, their vibrant night life or their peaceful emerald beaches, Greek islands’ unparallel beauty is here waiting for you to discover.

If visiting all 2,500 of them seems too much of a holiday, at least live the pleasures of as many as possible.    

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