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The say about us

De La Salle Primary School

We recently travelled with a group of our students to Ioannina and I would like to congratulate and thank the team for the professionalism of the people we worked with and especially Mrs. Silia Maragou for the organization and coordination of our trip.
Congratulations also to our bus driver Mr. Nicholas peridi who was by our side throughout the trip assisting us in all transports with great joy.

Yours sincerely

The principal of the school

The students, teachers, parents of the sixth grade of grade 4th Primary School of Menemenis and I personally who participated in the the educational excursion to Athens, with this letter
express our sincere thanks for the very good cooperation that we had during our educational trip to Athens.
We wholeheartedly wish you always success in the excursions that we have and good travels.

The Director of the 4th Primary School
Konstantinos Syrgoudis

This is the 2nd time I collaborate with Mazi Travel agency. I must admit I was amazed by the impeccable service, the prompt handling of all necessary procedures for arranging my trips.

I particularly want to publicly thank Mrs. Vakari Litsa for her friendly service, her patience with my questions regarding the trip, and I wish her to continue being always equally friendly in serving the customers.

Well done again, Anastasia Bartzou"

5 stars for Mr. Dimitrios Tsiaras. To an amazing tour guide and person whom I could write a lot about. Congratulations to the company that has Mr. Dimitrios because I am sure he makes the difference being with you. A big thank you for the wonderful three days he gifted us in Athens, and I look forward to going again with the same person, the same company, and to other parts of Greece. You are lucky to have him close to you.

Eleni Gavrilova 23/03/2024

The staff is very helpful and friendly... I personally want to thank Mrs. Eleni for her immediate response to all our issues!!

Marina Koutsogianni 12/03/2024

What can I say about this agency and especially my beloved Sylia Marangou! Although I haven't met her in person yet, it felt like we've known each other for years. Communication with her is impeccable and efficient in everything. We organized together the three-day trip of our department ST to Ioannina. The sightseeing program she suggested included everything. As for the hotel, what can I say... a 5* with everything! Also, our guide, Mrs. Chrysa, is an encyclopedia herself. Excellent! And our driver, Mr. Elias, didn't disappoint us at all.

I highly recommend MAZI travel agency without hesitation. Truly Sylvia, thank you very much for your invaluable help.

Eleni Diamantopoulou

We just returned from our three-day school trip to Athens. The impressions were unique. Sylia Marangou was incredibly organized and experienced, but above all, she was a person who was there for us in everything, our guide Feni was one of those people whose knowledge makes you love every point you visit, she never tired us, and we will really miss her, and of course our driver George who safely took us and saved us from many hours of delay due to the return of the three-day trip. They are truly professionals!!! I wish this wonderful team to fill our life's album with many travel experiences! Thank you for everything!

Maria Zampidou


The feedback from all delegates was very positive about all the arrangements provided by the hotel and your good selves. Accommodation, meals and overall satisfaction from the hotel was very good. The renovated rooms help to bring the best of the hotel – the gala dinner room location was fantastic. Please give this feedback to the hotel too. All the transfers, excursions, the drivers, guide etc were performed professionally and all delegates again had something good to say about your services and the way you have handled the management of these activities. Overall well done. This is a genuine feedback and hope that makes you feel satisfied for a job well done

Dear Mrs Chatzialexandrou,

On behalf of Euroins Greece, we would like to thank you for the recent reward trip we made with your office. Both the management of our company and the partners who participated in the trip were completely satisfied with the organization of the trip, the quality of the services as well as the choice of the hotel and restaurants.
Your participation in the trip and fulfilling the wishes of our guests played an important role in the success of the trip.

We look forward to many future collaborations.

Τhank you ... Thank you... Thank you ...

It was my first trip abroad and I timidly picked up the phone and decided to call!
On the other line a nice voice, cheerful and polite!
She helped me, organised my trip and in her way gave me courage because I don't hide it I was a little scared.
We arrived in Prague and everything was great!!!
The hotel was perfect, everything, everything was amazing!!!
I was impressed that even though I arrived she made sure to find out if everything was ok !!!
Thank you very much for everything and it goes without saying that on the next trip we will be back to MAZI again!
Thank you... thank you... thank you... thank you...

Maria Alverti

Thank you letter from the Director of the Vocational High School of Argos Orestiko

At the end of the Erasmus programme, which was completed on 31-01-2024 with the visit of our students and their companions to BRAGA, Portugal, we would like to thank the Mazi Travel agency for its essential contribution to the excellent organisation and the helpful staff was always available for clarifications, questions and anything else needed. Especially in solving a problem, our own fault, the employees of the office, gave a solution by devoting time and effort, with courtesy and reassurance.
We will be happy to work with you again.

Thank you

Excellent cooperation with Katia Angelidou and Eleni Natsis for the organization of the group excursion of 48 people to Belgrade, the choir cantus arte from Thessaloniki
With kindness and patience for every problem.

Thank you Katia.

Fabiola Cano from Viajes Lerma

It was a real pleasure to meet you. The passengers were happy with all your details and the beautiful country of Greece.    Regarding food, I must thank you for the care you took to choose the places and the dishes. They were all a great success. The menus, even in Spanish, were totally appreciated. Regarding accommodation, I found the hotel nice, comfortable and well located. The breakfast room is a bit busy in the mornings, but the food tastes great. And the view of the Parthenon from the top roof is impressive. Transportation good. The tours seemed good to me. Tour guides have a good command of the Spanish language and were quite friendly.  Regarding contact and respond from the company. I must emphasize that there is only praise for you, Anna. You really are a great person. The joy of your soul is transmitted around everything you do. Always with a smile no matter how tiring the tourist activity is. The details and care with which you do your job are extremely applaudable. I only have one word but for you THANKFULNESS.

October 2023

One more Thank You

Dear Mata and Desi,

I mean it when I say I have never been exposed to such level of loving care in the world of travel.  We were not just your clients. We felt like your family. You cared for us, and all of our many (many! Many!) different needs. You showed Stuart such respect. You were patient with some in our group who would not always ask things with proper respect. You kept showing up in places we did not expect. You made visits to the pharmacy, and extra trips with your car, all to make us feel comfortable and at home.

Truly—you are at the top of your business, and it shows. I do not even remember how we initially found you. But however it was, I am so grateful for this friendship and partnership. And I do mean it when I hope that we do many trips together in the future, and that I can send many of my colleagues to you for trips.

It is hard for this trip to be over and to say goodbye. Know that we mean it when we say we have not only appreciation for you. But love for you.

Αντίο και σας ευχαριστούμε και σας αγαπάμε και είμαστε ενθουσιασμένοι που θα σας δούμε σύντομα.

With a heart that is full because we know one another, and heavy because we have to say goodbye!


Thank you...

Very good organization of the trip and the cruise. Thank you.. I hope to travel soon Mazi.....

Christos Skarlatos, 27/6/2022

We were completely satisfied!

This is the second time I have chosen this agency for our family vacation. We were completely satisfied! Everything we were told about the trip was exactly what we were told! Ms. Litsa Bakari served us simply flawlessly!!! With great kindness and patience to organize for us exactly what we wanted!!! It goes without saying that for our next trip we will choose this agency!!!

Panagiota Pasia, 28/04/2023

Excellent service!!!!

Excellent service!!!We talked and organized our trip with Mrs. Litsa Bakari helped us in some difficulties we faced with patience and understanding and I thank her very much for this, we will definitely work together again!!!!

Harula Kozoroni, 28/04/2023

All carefully and perfectly adjusted.

With full batteries from a wonderful Easter trip to the beautiful Rhodes, we want to thank "Mazi Travel" and especially the organizer of our trip, Mrs. Katia Angelidou, for the perfect organization of the trip in every detail.
Hotel wonderful,Hotel staff, Guides, Guides,
punctuality, everything carefully arranged and set up perfectly.
We hope to be in good health , and to escape again soon.
Thank you

G. F. Stamatakis

Perfect service!

Perfect service..polite
Thank you very much to Litsa Bakari who always serves us kindly with a good mood helping us every time with patience in every trip .. the trip to Zakynthos that we made at Easter was wonderful thank you very much again Litsa for helping us to make this trip .

Valentina Paschou

It was all wonderful!

We thank mazi travel for the excellent organization of our corporate trip to Zagorochoria. It was all great!

Info Technolife, 14/04/2023

We will travel with you again!!

A big thank you to κυρι Bakari litsa who helped us make the trip we wanted to Cuba fulfilled our every wish we thank you Litsa and we love you we will travel again with you!!!


See you on our next trip.

One of the best tourist I have traveled. The agency ( Mrs Angelidou) booked me airline tickets and accommodation for Budapest ..4**** hotel on the pedestrian street next to the Danube with a low cost overall. All I have to say is a big thumbs up...and see you on our next trip.

Antonis Savvidis, 3/2/2023

I am glad I called Mazi travel office

I'm glad I called the "Mazi travel" office. and met Mrs. Litsa Bakari.
Words cannot express my feelings and my thanks for all your help, professionalism and humanity. I really appreciate everything you have
you've done for me and my mother. Thank you so much !!!!!!

Natalia Kurganova, 30/05/2022

You deserve congratulations.

Everything was perfect you deserve congratulations. Especially Ms. Litsa is one of the people who are really amazing at their job!!!! Thank you very much for everything


We will choose you again!!!!

Excellent service from Mrs. Fotini Nikolaou who booked our trip to Benelux.
Our guide Mr. Nikos Mavros and our driver Mr. Thodoris were excellent. They did their best to make beautiful memories.
Thank you all very much!!!!
We will prefer you again!!!!

Xristiana Tzakaraki, 15/01/2023

I will choose mazi travel again, definitely!

We just got back from a group trip to Munich.
Excellent organisation, remarkable guide, coach, luxurious and central hotel.
A very nicely organized tour, at a price much better than other tours available on the market.
I will choose mazi travel again,anytime!

Maria Katrampatza, 15/01/2023

Always beside the customer...

All the times I worked with this office, the service was impeccable, either in simple air travel or in organized excursions... And Ms.Litsa Bakari who served me all the times is a professional, a true professional, informed, willing and always next to the customer...



I wanted to thank your office for the wonderful trip to Meteora for the Christmas. Everything was very organized. And the New Year's Eve and the hotel very nice. Thank you for the gifts on the table and in the room ...

I will fill in the questionnaire. We were very happy!
We wish you a happy new year !!

Nikolaos Ponias


Good morning Mrs. Aliatidou and Happy Νew Year

We returned from our 4-day trip to Meteora. I wanted to thank you for the perfect organization. The gifts you offered us. Especially our daughter's  Everything was very good and the hospitality of the hotel perfect in all  aspects. Have a happy new year! See you soon!

Nikos Katsoutas

Immediate service from Mrs. Bakari Litsa. I thank her for her service, very kind and with real interest for the customers and love for her work.

murtw k.

Very good service from Mrs. Lina, fast response to our travel needs.

Ευμορφία Τσιαούση.

Unforgettable excursions! Flawless service and staff!

Greg Adamopoulos.

It is one of the best agencies in Thessaloniki. Ms. Litsa served us immediately. Within a few hours of the day we booked a hotel and ferry tickets at very affordable prices. I owe her a thank you and consider her a remarkable employee possessed by professionalism and courtesy. I will fearlessly plan my next trip with mazi travel and I recommend it to all of you.

Thanasis Besikiotis.


Very helpful office… special thanks to Ms. Lina who was very kind, very fast (although she had a large workload due to the tourist season) and met our needs perfectly !!! I highly recommend it !!!

Kleopatra M


Immediate service when needed. One of the few offices that give you options with vouchers.

Chrysa Antoniadou


The only travel agency that has served me perfectly as a voucher holder for "tourism for all". Perfect organization of the whole trip. Definitely first in my choices for future travel!

Aris Konstantinidis



Mosxoviti Georgia

At the urging of my family member, who told me the best for your company, I said to give it a try. All positive, from the booking process, tour, hotel awesome, full days. Well done.

Eva Diamantopoulou

Rome, April 2020

Well done guys, thanks for the trip to Rome, we had a great time.

Giannis Metallinos

Bulgari Panorama Tour, September 2020

Panorama of Bulgaria, I did not expect that the trip would be so nice, quite satisfactory for its price, the route bothered us a bit but we had a nice time.

Maria Papadimouli

School trip to Ioannina, June 2020

Thank you for the excellent cooperation and service in such difficult and special times. We trusted you and you dared with us. You made our trip to Ioannina unforgettable. Who should I thank first: Mrs. Marangou for the preparation of the trip, Mr. Dimitris Tsiaras for his wonderful tour and of course our guide Mr. Nikos, with a smile always.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything.

Chryssa Margariti

Βarcelona, April 2020

Unforgettable Christmas experience traveling with Mazi Travel in Barcelona we had a wonderful time. Thank you!!!

Thomas Bito

School trip to Paris, April 2020

Many thanks to the agency for their amazing service throughout my trip to Paris. The organization of the trip was unique and definitely became the agency of my choice for my future travels.

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