Island hopping

Island hopping

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When a country is gifted with 2,500 islands that surface like gems from the deep blue of the sea, it is a pity not to visit as many of them as you would desire. So many but at the same time so unique. Each with its own character and lures but with one thing in common, the guaranteed satisfaction of the travelers.

Some of them are very famous within the international tourist showcase and others are less so. But no matter what your choice will be, none of them will let you down.

The islanders themselves, with their open personalities and above all with their living tradition of hospitality and friendliness, will see that their small paradises will provide with abundance what visitors will be looking for. Many times, even with more pleasures than anticipated.       

Either with their dreamlike seascapes, their volcanic past that evolved to today’s landscape wonders, their culinary temptations, their millennium-long history, their vibrant night life or their peaceful emerald beaches, Greek islands’ unparallel beauty is here waiting for you to discover.

If visiting all 2,500 of them seems too much of a holiday, at least live the pleasures of as many as possible.    

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