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Mazi travel & events, has a huge experience in Kosher groups, offers a wide range of proposals

Celebrations of Jewish religious festivals, such as Pessah, Sukkot and other Kosher affairs, take a different meaning in the unparalleled Greek resorts and worldwide marveled touristic sites of Greece. They remain unforgettable for years and we will never stop stretching our well forged belief that everybody deserves to have them at least once in a life time. 

Our responsible and experienced team of experts stands next to the organizers of the groups and assists them greatly, only to make the celebrations memorable and cherished forever. 

MAZI travel & events is the most knowledgeable operator of Kosher events in Greece. Our goal is to satisfy all the special needs of those who trust us with the full operation of those special Jewish ceremonies and the rites that accompany them. 

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