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Sea or mountain holidays? Mountain of course! What compares with the tranquility and serenity of a mountain landscape? With the heavenly beauty and the might of the ceilings of earth?   

Greece is a mountainous country. Even many of its islands have mountains worthy of incredible hiking or more extreme activities like slope climbing and mountain biking. The main land of Greece offers of course even more opportunities for unforgettable mountain vacations.

With a 75% of highland terrain, Greece is pledging to make mountain lovers find a part of paradise in earth. Along with the natural beauty, Greece’s mounts are scattered with monuments that fetch history, religion and culture into the scenery.

Almost every hill top has its own chapel that signifies the bonds of the divine with the earthy. Numerous ancient civilization remains like theaters, market places and settlements from many centuries before Crist, are there too. To highlight the harmonious human coexistence with the millennium back geological wonders.      

All these add-on extraordinary and amazing brush strokes of positive human intervention and interaction with the natural environment and make holidays in Greece’s mountains a unique experience everyone must have.

Last but not least, Greek mountain peaks offer a great time in winter for skiing and enjoying nature at its best.

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