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Greece has a total length of coastal line more than 15,000 km, ranking ninth in the world and leaving behind much bigger countries like India and China. This incredible vastness of the Greek seafront is the beneficial result of the extremely lacy geology, incorporating thousands of gulfs, peninsulas and bays, either in the main land or at the uncountable islands of its territory.

All this unended coastline, with the extraordinary and spectacular seascapes that compose it, is stretching in one of the most charming and inviting sea of the planet, the warm and sunny Mediterranean Sea.

This richness of seafront, full of sandy or pebble beaches with emerald water, lure the minds and the bodies of those who choose to spend their holidays in this paradise on earth and make them eternal and loyal fans of the Greek archipelago.

This dream-like heaven of beach holidays enthusiasts, offers the ultimate destination for vacations that personify the essence of the three S-words, of Sun, Sand and Sea! Next to those three S-words, the experience and skillfulness of our holiday advisors put three more, satisfaction, serenity and smiles!   

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