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Sail in History’ is a transnational thematic route between Greece and the Ionian coast of Calabria in Southern Italy, which belongs to the Magna Graecia based on the ancient nautical routes. The sailing cruises characterized by a rich offer of cultural and scientific experiences for the participants. In practical terms, during the sailing, and also during the stops in the various harbours, the participants will have the unique opportunity to be involved in exciting scientific experiences related to various disciplines related to the sea and in particular to the history and the culture of the ancient Greece and its Calabrian colonies.

The name “Magna Graecia” (of latin derivation with the meaning of “Great Greece”), indicates the geographical and cultural area of part of the southern Italian peninsula that was colonized by the Greeks starting from the VIII century B.C. The settlers founded new towns along the coastal strip that soon became rich and powerful. From the mother country the new settlers, known as Italiotai, brought the art, literature and philosophy that soon developed in an original way, decisively influencing the life of the colonies.  Over time the new cities, for political reasons, overpopulation, commercial and territorial control, expanded their presence in Italy, expanding by founding some sub-colonies. The economic prosperity and political and military strength of the poleis established in southern Italy reached its peak between the sixth and fifth centuries B.C. and this would explain, perhaps, the name “Great Greece” attributed by the ancients to the whole region.​

This product was created for the EU project MAGNA with Call ID EASME/EMFF/2016/ - Nautical Routes for Europe, by a consortium pf public instituition and private companies from Greece and Italy with the cooperation of the European committee, MAZI TRAVELATLANTIS CONSULTINGMiBACT - ISCR and UNICAL.

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