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What unite mazi travel team is the love for what we do. We love to travel and we get excited every time we have to organise a trip to Greece. We love exploring new destinations and discovering their secrets spots, cultures and cuisines.

Creativity, consistency, flexibility, trust and reliability are the principles of all 32 people of our team. We are a group of people who work with passion and provide our unique experience so that you can enjoy a journey to Greece and Cyprus as your dream it.

together in every trip

Θοδωρής Μακρής
Theodoros Makris
CEO - Managing Director
Nτίνα Γαρυφάλλου
Dina Garyfallou
Inbound Sales Manager
Σύλια Μαραγκού
Sylia Maragou
Outbound Sales Manager
Kωνσταντίνος Χατζόπουλος
Konstantinos Chatzopoulos
Financial Manager
Γιάννης Σιγάλας
John Sigalas
Inbound Operation Manager
Χρήστος Χαμάλης
Christos Chamalis
Operation Manager Thessaloniki
Mάτα Χατζηαλεξάνδρου
Mata Chatzialexandrou
Senior Manager M.I.C.E. & Corporate Dept.
Κάτια Λάσκαρη
Katia Laskari
Corporate Coordinator
Κλέαρχος Γκουρμάνος
Klearchos Gourmanos
Operation Manager Thessaloniki
Mάνος Ρήγκας
Manos Rigkas
IT Coordinator
Σοφία Αποστολίδου
Sofia Apostolidou
IT Department
Θάνος Μακρής
Thanos Makris
MICE Specialist Sales & Operation Dept.
Κυριακή Κομνηνακίδου
Kiriaki Komninakidou
Corporate Department
Νατάσα Τράκα
Natassa Traka
Travel Consultant
Λίτσα Μπάκαρη
Litsa Bakari
Travel Consultant
Kάτια Αγγελίδου
Κatia Angelidou
Travel Consultant
Φωτεινή Νικολαου
Foteini Nikolaou
Travel Consultant
Eλένη Σταύρου
Eleni Stavrou
Travel Consultant
Ελένη Νάτση
Eleni Natsi
Travel Consultant
Δέσποινα Mikayelyan
Despoina Mikayelyan
Οperation Department
Εύα Ακριτίδου
Eva Akritidou
Operation Department
Mύριαμ Κακαράσκα
Miriam Kakaraska
IT Department
Ρωξάνη Μάλλιου
Roxanne Malliou
Travel Consultant M.I.C.E. & Corporate Dept
Δημήτρης Τσιάρας
Dimitris Tsiaras
Official Tour Guide
Katarina Merezhko
Katarina Merezhko
Sales Department, Eastern Europe
Λένα Κωστελίδου
Lena Kostelidou
Accounting Department
Xριστίνα Τουτζιάρη
Christina Toutziari
Accounting Department
Εύα Βατοπούλου
Eva Vatopoulou
Accounting Department