In mazi travel we are united by the love for what we do. We love traveling and we are fascinated by their organization of these trips. We love exploring new destinations and discovering their secrets. And we want to share all this with you.

Creativity, consistency, flexibility, trust and reliability are the principles on which the work of all 32 people who constitute the personality of our company is based. This is a group of people who work with passion and provide their unique experience so that you can enjoy the journey of your dreams.

together in every trip

Θοδωρής Μακρής
Theodoros Makris
CEO - Managing Director
Παύλος Παπαδόπουλος
Pavlos Papadopoulos
Area Sales Manager
Γιώργος Παπακωνσταντίνου
George Papakonstantinou
Area Sales Manager
Nτίνα Γαρυφάλλου
Dina Garyfallou
Inbound Sales Manager
Σύλια Μαραγκού
Sylia Maragou
Outbound Sales Manager
Γιάννης Σιγάλας
John Sigalas
Inbound Operation Manager
Κλέαρχος Γκουρμάνος
Klearchos Gourmanos
Operation Manager Thessaloniki
Χρήστος Χαμάλης
Christos Chamalis
Operation Manager Thessaloniki
Κάτια Λάσκαρη
Katia Laskari
Corporate Coordinator
Κυριακή Κομνηνακίδου
Kiriaki Komninakidou
Corporate Department
Λουίζα Κηρύκου
Louiza Kirikou
Operation Department Athens
Αλεξάνδρα Γκιάλπη
Αλεξάνδρα Γκιάλπη
Operation Department Athens
 Δήμητρα Μεσιμερλή
Dimitra Mesimerli
Operation Department Athens
Νατάσα Τράκα
Natassa Traka
Operation Department Thessaloniki
Λίνα Αλιατίδου
Lina Aliatidou
Operation Department Thessaloniki
Θάνος Μακρής
Thanos Makris
Project Design & Development
Δημήτρης Παναγιωτίδης
Dimitris Panagiotidis
Business Development
Mάνος Ρίγκας
Manos Rigkas
IT Coordinator
Δέσποινα Mikayelyan
Despoina Mikayelyan
IT Department
Ρωξάνη Μάλλιου
Roxanne Malliou
ΙT Department
Xριστίνα Τουτζιάρη
Christina Toutziari
Accounting Department
Λένα Κωστελίδου
Lena Kostelidou
Accounting Department