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In a place on earth like Greece, where the clean blue sea is in abundance, sailing only comes as a natural outcome for water sports enthusiasts and fans of every kind of other sea activities like surfing and diving.

Sailing, as well as other water activities and sports, along with the recreation and amusement that they offer, at the same time enhance the physical wellbeing of the lucky participants.

Greece offers a great number of modern marinas and ports that serve well thousands of sailing boats from many parts of the world. But this is similar to what one can find in other sea-front destinations in the Mediterranean Sea or elsewhere.

What Greece offers uniquely is the magnificent island hopping that can be enjoyed easily and with the maximum of pleasure that sailing boats are capable to treat us with.

Short routes at sea that bring us from one Greek island to another, make the two and a half thousand isles of the Aegean and Ionian seas an unended rosary of entertainment and pure pleasure.

And for those who are more adventurous, discovering tiny bays with virgin blue water in small and uninhabited Greek islands, make sailing in Greece the universal heaven for sea and yachting lovers!    

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