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Travel, like love, expresses an attempt to turn a dream into reality

Alain de Bottom, Swiss Writer

All of us at Mazi Travel, we do not just try but we will surely turn your dream into a dream reality. We are not a simple search engine for tickets and hotels. We are a group of people who will listen to your needs, listen to your wishes and make your dream come true!

Why choose to travel with us:

  • We have been successfully organizing all kinds of excursions, getaways and trips for 35 years now.
  • We travel to popular destinations but we have to suggest to you dozens of other unique and original ideas for escape in Greece and abroad.
  • We adjust the program and the price to your individual needs and desires and we organize up to the last detail (escorts, guided tours, food, free time, comfortable transfers).
  • We offer you the opportunity to pay for your trip in installments.
  • We pay great attention to the quality of accommodation and that is why we choose the best hotels.
  • We work with the largest airlines and we can offer you a variety of prices and routes.
  • We want you to enjoy your trip and get to know the uniqueness of each destination, to return full of new experiences and unprecedented images.

We see each one of you not as an ordinary customer but as an opportunity to organize another unique trip!