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Classic or commonly demanded trips and tours, organized by our experienced personnel, are time tested and proven for their reliability. Over time, they became well certified for the high degree or pleasure they are able to generate to these that chose to have them. They contain the distilled experience and knowledge of the professionals that designed them. Undoubtedly, there is very little room for something unpredicted to happen and compromise one’s vacations.

But there are also many cases that we seek a more novel itinerary which will have our own touch of style and it will follow our voyage preferences to the last letter. Or, it may incorporate places and activities that are not demanded often by other travelers but still, we would like to have them in our lifetime and keep them preciously in our gallery of touristic memories.

Those tailor-made programs may include the “out of the beaten track” quests of travelers or just be perfectly harmonized with their individual pace of how they prefer to enjoy their holidays.

What ever the instance may be, our custom designed itineraries, made just for you and according to your fine-tuned traveling wishes, will guarantee the excellence and the satisfaction our ready-made programs offer for many years.    

Tailor Made tours to the mainland

Greece is an adored destination for many travelers over the years and regardless to the more familiar islands, the mainland offers plenty of options for a classical Greek tour holiday that includes visits to many archaeological sites. Visit Greek mainland to enjoy the fascinating culture, the picturesque seaside towns and the magnificent beaches as well.

Combine mainland and island tailor made packages

Are you dreaming of a perfect tailor made vacation package to Greece? Want to combine visits to major Greek cities and an island-hopping experience? You’re in the right site!

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