30 July 2021

Thassos. The island of absolute travel happiness

Thassos remains unforgettable to anyone who visits it.

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It has been called the "emerald" island, the "green diamond" of the Aegean and with many other names, which, perhaps, sound excessive, to those who have not yet visited it. But when you get here, you will immediately realize that words are poor to describe the beauty of the island and the unique holiday experience that only Thassos offers to everyone.

For centuries now, this noblewoman of the northern Aegean, did not stop, for a moment, to offer pleasures and to give birth to beautiful travel moments and experiences. These are its beaches, with its turquoise water or its forests, with their blessed coolness. They are the picturesque, traditional settlements, which are scattered inland or on the lacy coastline. Finally, they are the warm, hospitable islanders, who welcome visitors with an open heart, those who complete the travel canvas of images and experiences, created generously by Thassos, pleasantly surprising every visitor.

The travel surprises and challenges are undoubtedly many in the enchanting island of the North Aegean and we choose and present some, only, for those special reasons, which justify the character of Thassos, as an idyllic holiday destination, able to fulfill every expectation.

Limenas and the traditional Settlements. Life is here

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Scattered throughout the interior of the island and on the great coastline of Thassos are many picturesque and traditional settlements, ready to welcome every visitor and enchant him, literally, with their innumerable lures. From ancient times, Limenas was the most important city of the island. The capital, today, of Thassos, with the City Hall and the central administrative services, but also the largest market of the island, Limenas has been transformed into a modern city, while keeping its tradition well protected. The continuous development of Limenas has turned it into a tourist resort of international fame and glamor. Picturesque, narrow alleys are offered for nice walks, in the heart of the settlement, as beautiful small shops, fish taverns and picturesque hangouts, keep the interest of every visitor undiminished. The intense cultural life, the archeological sites and the amazing beaches make Limenas, a first class choice, for the holidays of thousands of visitors, who arrive here, from all over the world.

A green landscape, full of pines, welcomes the traveler to Prinos and Skala Prinou. The pines in the area, literally emerge from the sea, creating a natural landscape of unparalleled beauty and charm, while the mountain settlements of Mikro and Megalo Kazaviti, in the interior of the island, leave the best travel impressions, with the combination of their generous natural environment and with their modern and comfortable tourist infrastructure. Here, the visitor has the opportunity to admire, up close, stone mansions with wooden balconies, architectural ornaments of seaside architecture and to enjoy endless hours of leisure, in the cool and picturesque squares, which rest body and soul.

From the bay of Tripiti, to the settlement of Kalivia, extends the largest town of the island, Limenaria, with many hotels, rooms to let and intense nightlife. One of the most characteristic images of Limenaria, is the famous Palataki, which dominates a rocky ledge in the sea. This two-storey building is a sample of exquisite architecture and was built in 1903 by the German company Spiedel, which operated the mines in the area. Today, the abandoned mines try to save elements of their past glory and spark the imagination, offering the visitor an experience that will be difficult to relive.

A sample of a typical village in Thassos, the visitor has the opportunity to see up close is the Theologos. The economic development, experienced by the settlement, over the centuries, resulted in the construction of houses with high aesthetics and unquestionable architectural elegance. These magnificent mansions still stand proudly in the neighborhoods of the settlement and impress, contributing, among other things, to the proclamation of Theologos, as a traditional settlement and place, where the cultural identity and history of the island were preserved, with more love and care.

The visitor faces a feast of greenery in Potamia of Thassos. Green dominates all images, creating a natural canvas, where green in all its shades, captures looks and senses. The settlement is ideally offered for mountaineering routes, to the conquest of the highest peak of Ypsari, at the time when in Skala Potamias, the harmonious blend of the sea with the mountain is achieved, in a heavenly setting, which inspires the senses.

Beaches in Thassos. A true paradise on earth

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The emerald island of the northern Aegean can be proud of having beaches of stunning natural beauty, which are undoubtedly a pole of attraction for thousands of tourists. Spread along the large and lacy coastline, almost all the beaches of Thassos compose a natural landscape of exceptional beauty and satisfy all tastes and moods, as they appeal to all, without exception, young and old lovers of the sea. Safe, as most of them are organized and equipped with a high level of facilities and services, the beaches of Tunisia have crystal clear waters and compose an earthly paradise of relaxation and carefree, which brings every visitor, in direct contact with nature. Access to all the beaches is easy, due to the good road network, while for the steepest, quietest and most secluded beaches, there are paths that lead, directly, and with absolute safety, in their arms.

The dense pine forest and the bright blonde sandy beach, together with the tropical blue color of the sea waters, compose the natural setting of Paradise, of the beach, which solemnly justifies its name, with its amazing beauty and stands out, automatically, in an earthly paradise of the northern Aegean. The easy access to the beach makes Paradise, one of the most popular options for every visitor, who is looking for something very special during his vacation.

Although it is difficult to access Fari beach, the landscape, which stretches before the eyes of every visitor, compensates and inspires all the senses. Steep cliffs, dense tall pines, reaching the shore, combined with the beautiful clear waters of the beach, promise endless moments of enjoyment to anyone who chooses to visit this amazing beach. The fact that the beach is not organized, is offered for moments of isolation and reflection, against the backdrop of the endless blue of the Aegean, which will lead all the senses to their peak.

The golden reflection of the sun on the fine sand led the locals to name it Golden Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. In addition to its natural attractions, Golden Beach offers a well-organized package of services and facilities to every visitor. The crystal clear and, at the same time, shallow waters of the beach make it the ideal choice for families with children, who are looking for a safe option for swimming by the sea and, at the same time, will offer enjoyable moments of endless fun.

A natural rocky pool, in the area of Astris, 40 km from Limenatis Thassos, is Giola beach, with its surreal beauty. The stone walls that surround it and reach a height of 8m are a source of unique emotions and invite everyone to taste a unique travel experience.

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The contrasts have their place on the beach of the Mines, in the homonymous location, where the blond sand meets the black color of iron ores, which abound in the area and create a natural canvas of unsurpassed beauty. The cool waters of the beach, combined with the eerie natural landscape of the abandoned mines and the easy access to the beach, highlight this location as the ideal choice for all nature lovers.

The list of beaches in Thassos is, in fact, endless and it would be difficult to include them all in this presentation. As difficult as it is to choose the most beautiful beaches and locations of Thassos, the easier it is, in the end, to accept that whoever the visiting traveler is, he will realize that the island is a destination, full of unique travel surprises and experiences, ready to offer everyone a an unforgettable vacation.

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