30 July 2021

Serifos. A Cycladic painting

It may not be the most famous island of the Cyclades, but Serifos inherited from them their natural beauty, the bright Cycladic colors and the special island atmosphere of the Aegean, elements that endow the island with a positive energy, a necessary component of a travel experience. Serifos, in addition to the energy it has, generously gives its gifts to every visitor, through its beautiful beaches, its picturesque settlements and its interesting mythological and historical status, which give it an, extremely, charming physiognomy, ready to amaze anyone.

In Greek mythology, Serifos was associated with the life of the hero Perseus, who killed Medusa on the island and offered her head, as a wedding gift, to the king of the island, Polydectes. Over the years, the presence of mines on the island and the exploitation of the precious gold, silver and iron ores, which were there in abundance, led Serifos to a period of great economic prosperity and brought many conquerors to its territory, leaving, each of them, their place in the cultural culture of the island. Especially in recent years, Serifos has recorded remarkable tourist development, without, however, losing anything of its unique personality, the beauty of its seas and the atmosphere of its settlements. Although small in size, Serifos promises a great travel experience that will make every visitor adore it.

So, in Serifos, which literally looks like a painting on a white and blue background, let's discover, together, all those elements that make the island a generous travel destination and generate the greatest emotions and pleasures.

The tour of the island

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The Chora of Serifos, inhabited since antiquity, claims the title as one of the most picturesque countries of the Cyclades. Chora is spread in an amphitheatrical way, on a hill above the port of the island and consists of two neighborhoods, Pano Chora and Kato Chora. A point of reference, for every visitor, is the Castle, which dominates imposingly at the top of the hill, being a great work of fortress architecture, with its two entrances, its fortification defense rings and the remains of the ancient Acropolis. Without a doubt, the view from the top of the Castle and the church of Agios Konstantinos, located there, is impressive and compensates all the senses. The sunset, from the same point, is awe-inspiring and, rightly, is considered one of the most beautiful in the Aegean, as a feast of colors paints the endless sea. At the same time, in the settlements of Pano and Kato Chora, a labyrinth of cobbled streets reveals small and picturesque squares, as well as buildings of refined architecture, which cause admiration with their elegance. The City Hall, the metropolitan church of Agios Athanasios and the Folklore Museum, among other buildings, are characteristic monuments of Chora, which steal the impressions.

Livadi is the port of Serifos and is located 5 km southeast of Chora. With its excellent tourist infrastructure, the abundance of accommodation, its shops and the lively market, as well as the many options for food and entertainment, Livadi acquires the character of a tourist resort, which meets every expectation.

At the SW edge of Serifos, the settlements of Megalo Chorio (on the site of the ancient capital), Megalo Livadi and Koutalas stand out, which were associated with the history of the island's mines, especially in modern times. A visit to these settlements will reveal the impressive facilities, built by the locals for the extraction of the ores of the island. Today, these facilities are silent witnesses to the varied history of the island and impress.

Other sights of the area are the White Tower or Aspropyrgos, NW of Koutalas and the ruins of another Hellenistic tower, Psaropyrgos, on the Cyclops peninsula. Galani and Panagia, are two characteristic settlements of traditional architecture, at a time when the famous monastery of Taxiarches, in the same area, is emerging as the most important monument of the island. Impressive, due to its fortified form, the monastery is a beacon of spirituality, peace and contemplation, while its invaluable ecclesiastical treasures are unique masterpieces of Byzantine art.

Rough rocks, precious metals

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Serifos, with its rugged and rocky nature, hides unique ecosystems. South Serifos is part of the Natura 2000 network. The protected area starts from sea level and reaches the top of Troulos, at 580m. Almost the whole area is covered by low vegetation and phrygana, while the islands of Serifopoula, Vous and Mikronisi, have been officially declared as areas of special natural beauty, thus attracting nature lovers everywhere, as they provide the opportunity to observe and study unique natural phenomena.

It is also worth a visit to the cave of Cyclops, west of Koutalas bay, which was discovered by chance, when its entrance was connected to the galleries, from which the abundant ores that existed in the subsoil of Serifos were mined. The cave has magnificent stalactites and stalagmites, in various natural formations, while, as the findings showed, the cave was a place of worship in ancient times.

The old mines in Koutalas, Alkyros and Megalo Livadi are monuments of historical memory and importance, while the now ruined workers' state with its architectural remains, can evoke feelings of emotion and admiration for the impressive metallurgical activity, which flourished for centuries on the island, giving Serifos a place in the largest wealth-producing treasures of all Greece.

Beaches of Serifos. A place of unspeakable peace and beauty

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In Serifos, even the most demanding visitors will find their favorite beach. Spread along the coastline, the beaches of Serifos compose the pieces of a landscape of incomparable natural beauty, in absolute color harmony, with the blue of the Aegean and the brown of the rugged Cycladic land. Gifted with crystal clear, crystal clear waters and velvety golden beaches, the beaches of the island hide in them unprecedented surprises, waiting to be discovered, by the

groups of visitors, who want to enjoy their swim, in a dreamy setting. Easily accessible, due to the satisfactory road network and framed, some of them by a satisfactory network of infrastructure and services, the beaches of Serifos, promise to offer endless moments of enjoyment and leisure and to ideally complement the generous vacation package offered by Serifos to everyone.

There is Platis Gialos, overlooking Panagia Skopiani, Sykamia beach, which impresses with its natural beauty, its golden sand and tamarisk trees, which reach the shore, Karavi and Livadakia with their thick sand and rich shade. In Koutala bay, the beaches of Ganema, Vagia, Koutala and Psili ammos, come to complete the list of the most popular options, while in Mega Livadi, which has the qualification to be windless and have crystal clear shallow waters, families with children will meet their personal, earthly paradise. Finally, the beaches at Agios Sostis, Lia, Achladi and Abyssalos, are ideal choices for lovers of seabed discovery and fully justify the ability of Serifos to inspire and rejuvenate all the senses.

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