10 June 2021

Patmos. Apocalypse in the Aegean

In the middle of the Aegean Sea, in the archipelago of the Dodecanese is Patmos, an island, famous around the world for its important religious heritage, mysterious energy and spiritual peace, which exudes. The island that Saint John the Theologian envisioned and wrote his Revelation and was described as the "Jerusalem of the Aegean", is an earthly paradise of spirituality and inexhaustible religious mysticism, which leads every visitor to an unprecedented spiritual dimension. And the spotlight may shine brightly on the island of Apocalypse, due to the increased religious tourism, which is observed every year, however, the cosmopolitan air of the island and its open, warm, hospitable heart, can guarantee a travel experience, without precedent.

Let us discover together the special mystagogy that Patmos hides, through beautiful routes in history, remarkable monuments and its amazing nature.


Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos.

The imposing monastic state of Patmos rises to the top of the hill, crowning with its solid gray walls the whitewashed Chora. Visible from afar, the most famous castle monastery in the Aegean, really submits with its presence and magnetizes the eye, as, depending on the sunlight, it changes colors and shades. The monastery was dedicated to Saint John the Theologian, who inspired the much-discussed Apocalypse when he was exiled and settled on Patmos. The monastery soon became the religious symbol - emblem of the island and one of the most important pilgrimages of Christianity. Included, of course, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the monastery submits every visitor, placing him in the center of the mystical atmosphere, which reverently surrounds the space. The emblematic Byzantine walls of the monastery and the invaluable treasures, carefully kept in the rich Library (one of the best in the East) and its Sacrament, intensify the feeling of awe and respect and inspire all the senses.

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Apocalypse Cave.

In the middle of the route from the port of Skala to the town of Patmos, is the Cave of the Apocalypse, a place of hospitality of Agios Ioannis during the years of its isolation. By candlelight and in an atmosphere of absolute immersion, the visitor enters the space, which, according to religious tradition, Saint John envisioned and wrote the Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament, referring to the last years of Humanity. The point where the Saint heard the word of God, through the slit of a pillar, divided into three parts (symbol of the Holy Trinity), offers, indeed, a shocking experience, at the time when the saved resting place of the Saint, next door, gives birth unprecedented emotions of emotion. The stunning mosaics and the wonderful Byzantine icons that decorate the space, ideally complement the grandeur of a special spiritual monument, which leaves no one unmoved.

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Considered by many as the most beautiful and most authentic island towns of Greece, the chora of Patmos could not fail to seduce every visitor, with its incredible beauty and charming atmosphere. A labyrinth of labyrinthine cobbled streets, with stone vaulted passages and magnificent, all-white mansions, with Gothic and neoclassical decorative motifs on their facades, compose a very charming, residential environment that impresses everyone. Impressive Captain Houses pop up in every corner of the country, while its white chapels, flowered balconies and blue windows of its beautiful houses, along with the traditional windmills that adorn the picturesque neighborhoods of the city, look like a colorful canvas of a large painting. . The famous Aporthianos road, the old cobbled path that connects Chora with the port of Skala, offers a stunning panorama overlooking the Aegean, especially the sunset, which culminates in all the senses.

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Built, scattered, in the hinterland of the island, the small traditional settlements of Patmos, deserve their own share of attention and admiration, with their main qualifications the timeless authenticity of their character and the undeniable picturesqueness. The central port of the island, Skala, is noisy and busy, welcoming every visitor, charming him with its colorful and lively pulse. Beautiful mansions in stone alleys, mirrored in the sheltered waters of the port, as small and picturesque squares adorned with bougainvillea and colorful flowers, along with many shops, cafes and traditional taverns along the pier, offer endless moments of relaxation. The same atmosphere prevails in the settlement of Kampos, which, divided in two, manages to offer its own emotions. The upper Kampos is cosmopolitan and extroverted, it is an ideal holiday resort of Patmos, full of tourist amenities, while the lower Kampos, with the atmosphere of peace and seclusion that characterizes it, emerges as a small paradise of peace and tranquility.

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Gifted with a natural landscape of incomparable beauty, Patmos has diverse coasts, with many small islands sailing around it, giving the whole island a charming morphology, which, due to its small size, is visible from almost any hill. The lacy coastline of Patmos, hides in it small and picturesque coves, incredible beaches of blue crystal clear waters and extensive sandy beaches, which compose a spectacle of nature. The northern part of the island has the most beautiful beaches, such as Vagia, Livadi Geranou and Lampi, but also the most organized, such as those of Kampos and Agriolivados. The shallow waters, the rich vegetation of beautiful tamarisk trees and the colorful pebbles on the beach of Petra and Groikos, offer unique moments of recreation, in a breathtaking landscape, while the rock in Kalikatsou, which is considered one of the most beautiful sights of Patmos, proves that nature is, in fact, the best artist and contributes, in a unique way, to the promotion of Patmos, as a top destination of spiritual and physical mystagogy, which will captivate everyone.

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