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The best winter destinations in Europe
16 April 2021

The best winter destinations in Europe

Europe, amongst other choices, offers countless options for the best winter getaways.

If you wonder where you should travel when the most blissful time of the year is getting closer, then we have the answer. If you don’t know which place to choose, we have prepared the perfect guide with the best winter destinations that you should not miss!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Not far from the famous statue of the Little Mermaid, Copenhagen stands out even more in winter. A walk along the colorful houses on the waterfront, the overcrowded shop windows with various decorations, the 19th century Tivoli amusement park that "does its best" at Christmas are some of the many reasons why you should visit Denmark in the winter!

Κοπεγχάγη χειμώνας διακοπές

Prague, Czech Republic

If only a city could be described as a “fairytale on earth” that would be Prague. The center of the Czech Republic has a special charm and amazing sights, excellent examples of architecture, history, and culture that make it unbeatable. The illuminated square with the Christmas shops at night will probably leave you in awe and excitement!

 πράγα τσεχία διακοπές χειμώνας

Budapest, Hungary

Compared to the previous cities mentioned, Budapest has a peculiarity: it is a capital divided into two parts, Buda and Pest, each one with distinctive characteristics. In winter, when snowfall is more frequent, the city is dressed in white and looks like it has sprung from a fairytale. History, culture, and impressive architecture all come together and provide a magical essence in the Hungarian capital.

σαλζμπουργκ αυστρία χειμώνας διακοπές

Tallinn, Estonia

As the Christmas season arrives, the entire city gets filled with colorful lights and decorations from one corner to the other, ready to welcome the most beautiful time of the year. You could hear joyous voices from children throughout the historic center who want to go skating, while other people choose to relax in a sauna or spa.

If none of these excite you, you will find many cafes to enjoy your coffee or hot chocolate, while you will be pleased with the wonderful aesthetic that winter Tallinn has to offer.

ταλίν εσθονία διακοπές χειμώνας

Of course, there are plenty of amazing winter destinations in Europe, but we have handpicked only the best!

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