06 October 2021

5 Incredible Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Athens

Athens has changed a lot during the last few hours. Breakfast and brunch weren’t popular until a few years ago but has now become a trend for locals.

Greece is a country of food lovers. Whether you plan to wander along the narrow streets of Athen’s or wander around the ancient monuments, start your day with a good breakfast or brunch. Here are the top 5 spots for a morning meal or a light bite.

#1. The Underdog

Feast on tasty egg benedict and omelettes, Greek-style Burritos with oregano, feta cheese, olives, green pepper and cherry tomatoes or greek yoghurt. Their Greek omelette is topped with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and onions is to die for!

#2. Bel Ray

superbowl 5 athens

An old garage was transformed into a modern classy snack place and cafe bar. The beautiful interiors are quite Instagrammable and the local vibe promises to uplift your spirits. Order Croque Madame, smoked ham, yeast bread, tomato and Emmental cheese. If you’re looking for something with typical Greek ingredients, then we recommend the Rachel. It’s a yeast bread with chicken “apaki” (salted smoked lean chicken), mayo, Emmental cheese and sour cabbage.

#3. Novak

The industrial design and the plush green sofas instantly transport you to a Berlin or London bar. As its name suggests, (“Novak” means something special), their brunch is simply delightful! All the items on their menu are amazing but we recommend you order something that either contains or is accompanied by bread as they make fresh bread that’s really tasty.

#4. Momo

momo 5 athens

You’ll be surprised by the beautiful garden and their delicious brunch. The Paella, grilled sandwiches and melted cheese sandwiches are excellent. Another fantastic option is the Picnic Eggs (two boiled eggs are stuffed with grated Greek “graviera” cheese, mushrooms and bacon that’s served on toasted bread).

#5. 7 Cactus

This hidden gem is a newly opened greek street deli with modern aesthetics and friendly staff. Their focus is on traditional Greek dishes with products and flavours from all over Greece. Order the Mani breakfast with “graviera” cheese, honey, feta cheese, “lalaggides”, homemade fig marmalade and a small salad. Save room for their signature dessert that’s a combination of yoghurt, chocolate and halva mousse.

Where will you have breakfast or brunch today and what will you order? Let us know in the comments section below!