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14 May 2021

Argolis. In the streets of nature and history

The Argolic peninsula is a wonderful example of harmonious coexistence of mountain and sea.

The diversity of the Argolic landscape with its fields, forests, bare mountain peaks, beautiful beaches and innumerable coves manages to keep the adrenaline of the visitor at a high level, who is called, at the same time, to wander in a large and unique archeological park.

The place, after all, has been inhabited, continuously, for millennia and the testimonies for the works of the people are many and impressive. Mycenae, Epidaurus and Tiryns, along with other archaeological sites and monuments in the area, are destinations that are benchmarks, both domestically and globally.

These places gave birth to the ancient myth of the Cyclops, the dynasty of the Atreides, and still raise questions among scientists about history.

Journey for an ancient representation: this is Argolida and we will get to know it, through its three most important archeological treasures.


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There is no doubt that the ancient theater of Epidaurus is the most important attraction of the route that connects the Argolic Gulf with the Gulf of Epidaurus. Between endless olive groves, orange groves and towering cypress trees and scattered monuments of the multifaceted Mycenaean history of the area, at the verdant foothills of Mount Arachnaeus, lies the irresistible theatrical setting of Epidaurus. Part of a wider sanctuary, dedicated to the god Asclepius and a place of healing of body and soul, worship, sports and artistic activities, the Asclepieion of Argolida is established as the largest and most important sanatorium in ancient Greece, occupying a place in the prominent archaeological sites of Greece, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In this special archeological site, the theater of Epidaurus stands, to this day, proud and imposing and welcomes many visitors, who remain speechless in front of the architectural perfection of the monument. Its perfect acoustics, its well-preserved appearance and the hosting of great cultural events, under the auspices of the Athens Festival, make the theater irresistibly charming to every visitor, leading the senses to their peak. Inside its extensive archeological site Asclepieion, its scattered monuments, such as the famous Guesthouse, the complex of the ritual restaurant, the most perfect circular ancient building of Tholos and the impressive Stadium of sports games, will elevate the importance of Epidaurus, as a place that leads to human of the highest emotions and in its complete purification.

In the land of Argolis, where the Mycenaeans and the Mycenaean civilization reached the peak of their fame and glory, leaving today, remnants of their glorious history, emerge Mycenae, their absolute capital, the reference point and cradle of one of the most important chapters of Greek history. Built amphitheatrically at the top of a hill, the "golden" Mycenae emerges through a veil of myths and history, which further brighten its majesty. The city founded by the mythical Perseus, at the suggestion of an oracle and was the seat of the glorious Agamemnon and the long-suffering dynasty of the Atreides, whose passions and adventures creatively inspired the ancient tragedians, is a real landmark of ancient Greek history. place, which spreads its dazzling glow and captivates every visitor.


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In a landscape of unparalleled natural beauty and undeniable strategic importance, the Acropolis of Mycenae hosts, within it, a large number of monuments of world renown and scope, which absolutely justify the high traffic of the area. The ascent to the Acropolis hides within it historical and architectural surprises, through architectural constructions, which leave the visitor speechless. The imposing architecture of the cyclopean walls, which surround the Acropolis and the palace of the great king, fully justify the legends that surround them, as works of the mythical Cyclops, while the emblematic gate of the Lions concentrates on its architectural and decorative the power of the Mycenaeans. The burial circles of the precious golden gifts, the King's Palace, which saves only its foundations, but also the archeological museum next door, with its amazing exhibits, complete the image of the Acropolis, which will have managed to shock all the senses.


The tour in the footsteps of the long and important history of Argolida is completed, uniquely, in the archeological site of Tiryns, just outside Nafplio, through the surviving ruins of the great Mycenaean state. In the axis of influence of Mycenae, Tiryns flourishes and prospers, contributing in turn to the emergence of the Mycenaean civilization, as one of the most influential civilizations, hosted by the land of Argolis and the whole of Greece. In the form of a classic Mycenaean Acropolis with its cyclopean walls, imposing gates and an extremely impressive eye-catching palace with its iconic architecture, Tiryns generously offers every visitor a wonderful journey into history and the past, imaginatively mixing the legends and traditions of a culture that has left its history untouched, imprinted in the region and turned it into a world travel treasure, of unsurpassed beauty and importance.