Presenting mazi travel tourism products to India market
26 January 2024

Μazi travel opens the gates of the Indian market for travel to Greece

Discover Greece: The New Travel Destination for Indians

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our doors to the Indian market, offering our Indian friends a unique opportunity to discover the beauty of Greece. With specially crafted travel packages, covering all the needs, we invite you to experience the magic of Greek islands, ancient monuments, and azure seas.

Our many years of experience in the tourism industry as we provide personalized trips catering to every preference and interest. Enjoy the hospitality of the Greeks and explore the diverse culture, gastronomy, and unique landscapes. Come and live the unforgettable moments of your journey in Greece, where hospitality meets ancient beauty.

Below are photos from the workshop held in Mumbai to inform the members of the Erode Tour Operators Association.


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IMG 20231219 WA0004


IMG 20231219 WA0005


IMG 20231220 WA0007


IMG 20231220 WA0014