Annecy, Γαλλία
20 January 2022

The idyllic Annecy and the Bridge of Love

Annecy is located in the south-east of France and on the border with Switzerland. It is crossed by 3 channels of the Thiou River and takes its name from the lake around which the city is built. With beautiful landscapes, parks and a romantic mood, Annecy will enchant you with its New Town and St. Peter's Cathedral, as well as its Old Town and its beautiful alleys.

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If you pass through the Old Town on Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, you will be lucky enough to taste and buy local products of the city from local producers (such as fine cheeses, sausages) at the local market on rue Sainte-Claire, as well as to "bargain » prices, since sellers love this process.

Your path will take you to one of the most characteristic buildings of Annecy in the Palais de Ille and the medieval castle of the 12th century, built in the shape of a ship. It is now used as a Museum of art and local history, while it was previously used as a prison.

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Continue your journey from the Old Town upwards and find yourself at the Chateau d'Annecy, a museum that was once the residence of the Count of Geneva. Enjoy the view it offers you.

 Walk around Lake Le Pâquier or Champ de Mars. Your route will lead you to the famous Bridge of Love. A garden complex, also known as the "Gardens of Europe".

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We kept the name given to it by the locals, since a local legend says that if a couple kisses in the middle of this footbridge, they will stay together for life. The origins of the myth may be related to the young couples of the time, who go there for their dates. Regardless, it remains a popular destination for couples visiting Annecy.