Santorini beaches
14 May 2021

Santorini: Enjoyable dives on volcanic beaches

A paradise made of volcanic earth, pebbles and rocks in the color of fire, which are in stark contrast to the off-white cubic houses and turquoise Aegean waters. In Santorini, the show is undoubtedly stolen by the caldera

paradise made of volcanic earth, pebbles and rocks in the color of fire, which are in stark contrast to the off-white cubic houses and turquoise Aegean waters. In Santorini, the show is undoubtedly stolen by the caldera. Everyone, however, when it comes time to swim, turn their gaze to the southeast side of the island. The wild, volcanic, black, red or white beaches of Santorini compose the pieces of a special canvas, full of color and endless surprises. Beautiful, noisy and, above all, spectacular, the beaches of Santorini are ready to seduce every visitor.


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Perivolos and Perissa

They are, perhaps, the most famous and busy beaches of the island and are located on the SE side. Black sand, crystal clear waters, many well-organized beach bars, picturesque taverns and state-of-the-art hotels along the coastline, highlight their basic skills and invite everyone to share their innate charm and beauty.

For the most romantic, the impressive rock of Profitis Ilias, which stretches over Perissa, will inspire the senses, while adventure lovers will go up the path to Mesa Vouno, where ancient Thira was built and will travel mentally in the past. , before heading to the church of the prophet Elijah, who with his stunning view of the Aegean, will compensate all the senses, giving a breathtaking panorama.

Many trending beach bars complete the cosmopolitan profile of Perivolos, while Perissa tries, ambitiously, to maintain today some of its rock character, which it had in the past, with its rock hangouts and bars mixed with the tourist facilities. , which have now flooded the area, obeying the orders of intense tourist development.

On both beaches, however, the level of amenities is still very high, with hundreds of wicker umbrellas and comfortable sunbeds sunbathing under the hot Cycladic sun, along with dreamy beds and rugs on the sand and imaginative marine facilities, sports and beach volleyball, offering endless moments of leisure.


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From the archeological site of ancient Thera, with its amazing archeological findings and their invaluable historical treasures, connecting links with the long history of the Cyclades, a view to the homonymous beach leaves every visitor amazed. Up close, the beach in Kamari, deservedly claims its own share of admiration, with its fine, black sand penetrating the deep blue waters and dozens of umbrellas and sunbeds to compose an idyllic holiday setting, allowing the mind to escape to the world of endless enjoyment.


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A little higher on the map, north of Kamari, is another amazing beach, that of Monolithos. With its shallow waters, black sand and high level of organization, the beach of Monolithos becomes the ideal holiday setting for families and children, who enjoy special moments of relaxation and carefree, on a beach ready to meet every expectation. There are many taverns and cafes, which welcome, hospitably, numerous visitors, while the most impressive attraction of the beach is the tomato factory Nomikos, which stands, imposing since 1922, a symbol of the economic and local tradition of the island.


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In the south of the island, an important attraction for visitors is the large beach of Vlychada. Surrounded by impressive sculptures of volcanic rocks, which are, in themselves, its attraction, the beach of Vlychada manages to enchant the senses with its amazing, natural beauty, contributing, in turn, to the travel elevation that every visitor feels. when he chooses to visit this corner of Santorini. Well organized, the beach of Vlychada, offers an enviable package of services, while at the same time and due to its size, offers opportunities of isolation and tranquility, to those who are looking for something different, away from the crowds. In the wonderfully picturesque port of Vlychada, traditional taverns by the sea, with their amazing delicacies and highly satisfactory service, which offer, ideally, complement an unprecedented experience.

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Red and White beach

Towards the side of Akrotiri, on the south side of Santorini, two more spectacular beaches come to leave the visitors speechless, with their exceptional natural beauty and the inexhaustible charm that they exude. In Kokkini beach the rocks seem to have caught fire, as they rise vertically in the space, with their support spread out the white umbrellas, on the reddish, thin pebble, which comes in incredible contrast with its deep blue crystalline waters. Full of people, usually, the Red Beach is waiting for everyone to discover and enjoy it, offering unique moments of seduction, while the White Beach, with its large white pebbles and the wonderful light rocks that surround it, composes its own of unparalleled natural grandeur, proving, without a doubt, that the beaches of Santorini were created to give birth to the greatest emotions and to elevate Santorini to an earthlyparadise, which inspires all the senses.

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