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30 July 2021

Poros. Fine cosmopolitanism and delicate nobility, in the waters of the Saronic Gulf

It has been called the "Little Venice" of the Saronic Gulf, as well as the "Little Bosphorus" of Greece. Whatever they call it, Poros is a small, green island, a small and extremely charming paradise on earth and a destination that meets, with success, the demands and expectations of its numerous visitors. A stone's throw from Athens and the port of Piraeus, the island of Poros is built on two islands, each of different geological formations, separated by a canal. The first of these, is called Spheria and is located on the crater of the island volcano, hosting the city of Poros. The second island is the pine-covered Kalavria, with its small hills and idyllic coves composing its natural beauty.

A place for a quiet stay and, perfectly connected, with the feeling of peace and absolute carefreeness, Poros is an island of special interest, as it hides natural, historical and cultural treasures, creating a special collage of travel images and experiences that remain in the mind and heart of every visitor. With the aura of cosmopolitanism and a sense of refined nobility, Poros manages to stand out as one of the most popular destinations for any visitor looking for an unprecedented holiday experience throughout the year.

So let's travel to Poros and discover, together, all those reasons that highlight the manorial finesse of the island and put Poros in the first places of choice, for a vacation trip, full of emotions.

Discovering the beauties of Chora

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"Poros has something from Venice: Canal, communication between houses by boat, luxury, laziness and a sensuality that puts to the inevitable temptation, all the human senses."

In these few verses, the poet George Seferis managed to outline the character of the manorial island and convey the atmosphere that prevails in it, as soon as the visitor reaches the green island of the Saronic Gulf. The city of Poros has the ability to enchant everyone, with its picturesque beauty, as it spreads, amphitheatrically, on the slopes of the hill, which crowns the city and, at the same time, captivates the senses, with its refined and elegant atmosphere. Wonderful neoclassical mansions appear in every corner of the picturesque city, revealing the manorial face of Poros and converse harmoniously with the monuments-sights of historical memory, which adorn specific parts of the city.

The welcome on the island has been undertaken by the building of the Naval Base, which, in the past, was the summer residence of Otto, but also the famous Clock, which is visible from every part of the city. The ascent to the Clock, especially at sunset, offers a reserve experience, which will lead the senses to their peak, as the sun will tilt in the crimson waters of the Saronic Gulf.

Crossing the picturesque narrow alleys, passing by architectural ornaments, such as the neoclassical mansions Griva and Koryzi, which, today, have been restored and host, respectively, the National Bank and the Archaeological Museum of Poros, our route leads to the metropolitan church of Agios Georgios , center of the spiritual and ecclesiastical life of the place. The most important Christian church of the city of Poros, houses, within it, relics of great historical importance, as well as the amazing frescoes of the great Greek painter, Constantine Parthenis, which contribute, decisively, to the strengthening of the awe and respect of every visitor.

Of particular archaeological and historical interest are the remains of a sanctuary, dedicated to the god Poseidon, located in a central part of the city. Built in the 6th century BC, from blue limestone, the sanctuary preserves parts of the famous Doric temple, in honor of the ancient god of the seas, revealing the eternal close relationship and worship of the islanders, to the life-giving sea. The sanctuary of Poseidon, which according to ancient sources, was the place where the famous orator, Demosthenes, was persecuted by the Macedonian king Philip and ended his life by drinking hemp, is the most important archaeological monument of Poros and connects the present with the great chain of historical memory that pervades the whole island.

On a green slope overlooking the open sea, is the famous monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, which is the ideal choice for those visitors seeking to have a unique experience on the island, full of immersion and spiritual mysticism. The monastery, founded in the 18th century, played a leading role in the various historical periods of Poros, often changing uses and functions, subject to the conditions of the time. Today it houses a variety of relics, icons and murals, which are masterpieces of ecclesiastical art. The wonderful natural landscape that surrounds the monastery, intensifies, more, the sense of peace that dominates the space, while contributing, decisively, to the mental uplift of all visitors.

Finally, from Stavros to the western pier of the new port, the numerous shops, with all kinds of souvenirs, the graphic cafes and the restaurants of traditional Greek cuisine, complete the puzzle of the many options available to the visitor. At the same time, the blue waters of the port, as they gaze, lazily, at the fishing boats and the luxury yachts, anchored at the hospitable ascent of the island, create the image of a postcard, which speaks, directly, in the heart of everyone.

The beaches of Poros may be few, but miraculous

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Poros hides a large percentage of its charm on its beautiful beaches, which surround the whole island, as they are spread along the lacy coastline. Poros may not have the largest number of beaches in the Saronic Gulf, but it can be proud that all its beaches have a special character and perfectly meet the tastes and desires of every visitor. Pieces of a generous natural landscape, dominated by the color of the crystal clear sea waters, accompanied by the deep green, of the dense pines, that reach the shore, the beaches of Poros offer, as a whole, a perfect package of benefits , ensuring every visitor, endless hours of carefree and leisure.

Kanali, is the closest beach to the city and a very popular choice, since its natural beauty and organization are a guarantee for very special moments of joy and fun. Equally charming as Kanali, is the beach in Askeli, full of eucalyptus, blue waters and a velvety sandy beach, while in the Port of Love, the senses reach their peak, in the setting of absolute beauty that the beach offers. A picturesque cove, with turquoise waters, colorful pebbles on the shore and the ruins of an ancient city, submerged under water, compose the scenery of Vagionia beach, which with its quiet and secluded character, is not far from the image of an earthly paradise. And while the two organized beaches in small and large Neorio, invite every visitor to discover their natural attractions and beauty, Calypso beach, like the famous nymph of Greek mythology, captures the mind and the senses, with its exceptional beauty and contributes , decisively, in the promotion of Poros, as a destination that knows how to excite and charm everyone.

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So, let Poros take you on an unprecedented holiday trip and allow your mind and soul to escape to a world where the refined charm of the Saronic Gulf and the aura of fine cosmopolitanism that envelops the whole island, guarantee a travel experience, full of strong emotions, unprecedented images and surprises. Poros is waiting for you!

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