UK trip
16 April 2021

Useful tips for your next UK trip

From the elegant and aristocratic streets of London to the enchanting and picturesque villages of the North in the Highlands of Scotland, the United Kingdom is a unique blend of traditions and cultures.

Scattered castles on every hill and plain, hidden myths from epic knight battles, majestic architecture that varies in every town and village, the UK has many faces to show its visitors.

Most visitors may confuse the United Kingdom with the state of Great Britain, as it is the most famous, but under the same flag are also Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. An island surrounded by the North Sea with the nearest country of the Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom is full of diversity, a melting pot of different cultures, waiting for you to discover it.

λονδίνο άγιος παύλος καθεδρικός

But, whenever you might decide to travel to, it's good to know some basic inside tips, so you can better experience your trip in the UK.

Preparation Tips

Before leaving for any trip, it is necessary to know every peculiarity you may encounter for the country you are visiting. The same goes for the United Kingdom, which is quite different from the rest of Europe.

Sorry, your Euros are not accepted here

In relation to the Euro, which dominates the countries of the European Union, residents of the United Kingdom make purchases in the national currency of the British pound (GBP), which may differ slightly in Scotland, as they use the Scottish pound with the same value. So make sure you get some currency before your arrival. Alternatively, you will find exchange offices in several parts of the capital, London, but they will probably be more expensive.

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You will need another outlet for your device

Also, recesses for electrical outlets are different compared to other European countries and the United States. To connect a device, you must have a socket with three rectangular tabs instead of two. To avoid buying new adapters wherever you go, make sure you have a universal travel adapter with you so you can use all your electronic devices.

If you want to call back home, debit your phone

You should better know that now the telephone network now in the UK is different compared to the telephone providers in the countries of the European Union. With the UK out of the European Union, the free use of your data and units is not valid, as in other European countries, but there is a corresponding charge / minute. If you want to use your data to call from the UK to your country, you should better buy them in advance from your mobile provider.

κανόνες ασφαλείας στο Λονδίνο

Safety tips and what to watch out for

To keep your head calm, make sure you always carry your ID or passport with you, and alternatively, make photocopies of them. In this way, you can have copies of your official documents and carry them with you while you wander, while the originals are locked somewhere safe. The UK may be considered one of the safest countries in the world, but the same guidelines are given to every visitor: enjoy your tour but be aware of your surroundings and belongings, especially in crowded places.

highlands στο ηνωμένο βασίλειο

Of course, because the weather in the UK can change unexpectedly, while at the same time it varies from north to south, you should always have an umbrella and a hooded jacket with you. London may have the reputation of being the rainiest place, but cities like Edinburgh are also quite moist.

Another important tip that will get you out of a lot of trouble, is knowing the direction of traffic on the road. Unlike in Europe and America, cars have the steering wheel on their right side, while on the roads they go on the left side. Be careful not to get confused and pass from the opposite direction of the road!

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Travel Tips

Like any country, the UK has some secrets you can discover and take advantage of:

  • Free Admission to museums: Most museums in the UK do not require a ticket, especially in the city of London, but also other areas, such as Edinburgh and Liverpool, are some of them.
  • Free entrance to the cathedrals: Many of the cathedrals in the UK are open to visitors. They are a great opportunity to admire some examples of architecture that prevailed between the 15th and 19th century.
  • Pub food: You can enjoy your meal at various restaurants, but UK pubs can make a difference. Take the chance and try delicious dishes at low prices.

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Whichever city in the UK you decide to travel to, for sure you will be thrilled with the picturesque villages and the beautiful and fast-changing landscape of the big cities.

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