27 March 2023

Gold award at the Green Brand Awards 2023

Green Brand Awards 2023 is the institution that promotes innovation in products, services and development processes that promote the GREEN economy and Eco Living.

Mazi travel & events with the slow tourism product "Imathia A.s.A.P." won the gold award of the Green Brand Awards 2023 in the category Services: Green Passengers Transportation Service, Transport & Accommodation.

On Tuesday, March 21, at the House Marriott Hotel, the Green Brand Awards 2023 Awarding Ceremony organized by BOUSSIAS events took place. For the 3rd year in a row, excellence and innovation in products, services and development processes that promote the GREEN economy and Eco Living were highlighted and rewarded.

More than 200 high-ranking business executives, representatives of Institutions, Universities, Professionals as well as press representatives, attended the Award Ceremony, applauding the innovation and quality of the awarded nominations of the companies that combine the appropriate conditions of sustainability and sustainability with the development of entrepreneurship and environmental protection, offering sustainable technologies and practices, but also products that are considered Green, Eco-friendly, Recyclable, Reusable, Zero Waste and Low Energy Consumption. In total, 64 companies, institutions and natural persons from a wide range of business activity were distinguished in all categories of the awards.

The Green Brand Awards 2023 were held under the auspices of the Association of Graduate Environmentalists of Greece. The Green Brand Awards 2023 was sponsored by Dell Technologies.

The Tourism Product "Imathia As Slow As Possible" harmonized with the principles and values of Soft Tourism, consistently covers the necessary specifications in the areas of: transportation, accommodation, food and activities, and is coordinated with the directions of the European Green Deal of the European Commission, as well as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Imathia A.s.A.P., as a product of a responsible tourism approach and philosophy, encourages the development of Sustainability policies, offers services that creatively favor the destination, while at the same time, raising awareness among visitors and the agencies involved, strengthening Sustainable Development.

We would like to thank the organizing company Boussias Events and all the factors that contributed to win this award.