12 May 2021

3 reasons to visit Paros

The reason is simple: it can offer unique emotions to each individual.

Carefree young people will prefer it for fun and intense nightlife. Athletes for sea and air, doing wind surfing and kite surfing. Lovers of the good life for a swim on the organized beaches, a walk in the whitewashed alleys of the settlements, food in front of the sea. Travelers for its unique monuments, witnesses of its varied historical and cultural tradition. Everyone, without exception, can share the refined charm of the island, living a unique travel experience.

Let us discover together the 3 reasons why Paros fixes and justifies its reputation as one of the most attractive destinations in the Aegean.


1. Its wonderful traditional settlements

Beautiful and picturesque, exquisite samples of Cycladic architecture with its simple elegance and all-white Cubist aesthetics, the settlements of Paros stand out from everywhere, ready to welcome every visitor in their hospitable embrace.

Parikia and its castle. The capital and largest settlement of Paros has to reveal to you its own beauty secrets and an important part of its history. It was inhabited uninterruptedly and was the main port of the island, since ancient times. Whichever road you follow you will pass through the main road of the Agora (Captain Fokianos), at the time when the parallel road of Captain Gravari, joins the castle with Ekatontapyliani and hosts small, but very impressive neoclassical buildings of the 19th century. If you reach the top of the Castle, the imposing Venetian fortress construction, indulge in the charm that offers the amazing panorama from the point that will inspire the senses.

Paros 1


Naoussa and its Kastelli

Well protected in the arms of the big and safe bay, the former small fishing village was to become the most famous tourist resort of Paros. Despite its huge growth, Naoussa has managed to maintain, to this day, its traditional character and invites everyone to get to know it. Through paths along the jetty, next to the sunken walls and as far as Kastelli, the medieval church of Agios Georgios impresses with the tombs of the Knights, under its floor, while, equally charming, the path to Kolimbithres, with the background of blue sea, Kastelli and the islet of Agia Kali will meet all expectations.


At an altitude of 250 meters is the most beautiful mountain village of Paros, Lefkes, in a wonderful residential environment, dominated by Parian marble and lime. An ideal destination for walking routes, since the use of cars is prohibited, the settlement is a beautiful canvas of white streets and magnificent houses, while at the top of the hill, the church of Agia Triada, with its unique carved marble bell tower, creates an image, reminiscent of a postcard.

Prodromos and Marpissa

Two of the most picturesque traditional villages of Paros, impress with their natural beauty and their hospitable residential environment. In Prodromos, the fortification of the houses and the characteristic arched galleries that unite its neighborhoods, impress everyone, as the walk in the picturesque alleys of the settlement reveals a charming architectural mosaic, full of white houses, picturesque old cafes and cafes.

In nearby Marpissa, a series of beautiful, well-preserved houses show their refined beauty, while the old churches of Palia Panagia, Mesosporitissa, Evangelistria and Agios Dimitrios, contribute to the highlight of the strong spirituality of the area. Traditional cafes and taverns complement, ideally, the picturesqueness of the settlement, offering, generously, moments of relaxation and recreation, that will rejuvenate the senses.


2. The important archeological sites and its great religious monuments

Numerous historical and archaeological treasures are hosted throughout Paros, uniquely revealing the extremely interesting historical course of the island, over time. On the hill of Agia Anna, south of Parikia, the sanctuary of Pythian Apollo and next to it the place of worship of Asclepius, built around a spring, reflect the rich historical past of Paros, while on the road to Naoussa, the early Christian basilica of the Three Churches , leaves its own mark. On the hill of Koukounaries, the ruins of the Mycenaean Acropolis are preserved, with a fortified settlement with cyclopean walls and a palace, while the monastery of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, the most important attraction of the island, undoubtedly stands out as a great and important one. Dressed in legends of folk tradition, the church of Ekatontapyliani with its 99 open and 1 hidden gates, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, is an excellent example of Byzantine architecture and religious art, which leaves no one untouched.

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3. Its attractive beaches

Beaches for fun, for water sports, for seclusion, for families, even for Spa. On a beautifully lacy coastline, full of picturesque coves, there are beaches that meet every expectation. The beach of Kolimbithres is extremely popular, with its particularly impressive rock formations and crystal clear waters, as much as Pounta, opposite Antiparos, ideal for kite surf lovers and the Golden Coast and the new Golden Coast for windsurfing athletes, will cause emotions. The beaches of Laggeri, Voutakos, Pyrgaki and Kalogeros with their calm atmosphere and the spa facilities they have, will complement the attractive vacation package, which only Paros can offer, fully justifying the exceptional tourist reputation of the island.

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