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12 February 2024

Mazi Travel, on the way to Sustainability

Mazi Travel, as part of its efforts to adopt sustainable operating and management practices, is redesigning and creating new procedures for its operation. These actions for the company's transition towards sustainability are defined by the methods and tools provided through its participation in the European Project  SUSTOUR, funded by the European COSME Programme, which aims to strengthen the capacities and skills of travel businesses (SMEs) for sustainable tourism through Travelife certification.

The company's procedures for joining the SUSTOUR Programme were completed in June 2022, while at the same time, Travelife launched a training programme, training on the structure and operation of management systems and the use of standards and practices on sustainability issues, derived from examples and best practices already implemented by European SMEs.

Mazi Travel's adoption of this new mindset is expressed by the company's Sustainability Policy, which reflects the commitments it makes, the priorities it sets, and the principles it establishes, in terms of the natural environment, the human factor, and the way it aims and operates.

To organize the company's internal procedures, the necessary material, and corresponding documents, with guidelines and actions, were created for the company's operation:

  • •    Rules for Procurement of Materials, Equipment & Consumables: energy assessment of electrical and electronic equipment, purchase of consumables and food in large packages/quantities, and selection of products considering their origin (place of production/manufacture), their composition (environmentally friendly materials and production methods), as well as their packaging.
  • •    Sustainable Management of Electronic Devices & Printing Paper: using ecologically certified printing paper, which is a recycled product; ensuring that ink containers and discarded parts are disposed of in accordance with existing regulations; implementing practices and procedures to limit the number of prints; and for prints made outside the company, selecting suppliers that are certified for their operation and resource and material management.
  • •    Energy & Water Conservation: energy-saving mode settings on all electrical/electronic equipment as well as air conditioners, educating staff on proper usage practices to conserve energy and water, replacing company plumbing components to maximize water usage savings.
  • •    Health & Safety: a detailed document on the health and safety of employees is prepared, and periodic audits are conducted to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • •    Human Resources Department: staffing of the department and redefining responsibilities, strengthening the functions of the department with materials for more effective communication between employees and management.
  • •    Code of Ethics: drafted to express the company's commitment and attitude towards unacceptable behavior and to set out in full transparency the framework for relations between employees and suppliers.
  • •    Reducing the CO2 Footprint: to reduce the carbon footprint when employees travel to and from work, the use of public and alternative means of transport is encouraged, as well as the implementation of practices such as carpooling.
  • •    Corporate Social Responsibility Actions: developing synergies to explore proposals for sponsoring financial support for an environmental organization to implement its program and support its work, and planning for particularly polluted areas, social contribution actions (tree planting, cleaning up areas, etc.) with the participation of employees and company partners.

In parallel with the planning and implementation of the above actions concerning the internal management of Mazi Travel, actions are planned and implemented in external management, whose scope of influence and impact is much greater.

Mazi Travel aims to create a more sustainable and efficient working environment with the least possible burden on the environment and to increasingly raise public awareness, becoming an example of sustainable operation in the tourism industry.

For more information on sustainability issues and the Travelife certification, you can contact">, and to view Mazi Travel's Sustainable Tourism programs, visit the company's website via the link: