Fly and drive

Fly and Drive

If freedom in tourism and traveling had a name, this would be fly & drive.

Without having to comply to any group-schedule restrictions, being independent from any “musts” and able to make your program according to your own wishes and impulses, this is the travel mode you can rely on. Today, modern technologies and facilities such as the GPS, give you equal navigating ability in new territories as only the locals have. Driving in new and thrilling places is both comfortable and efficient as driving in the familiar terrain of your home land.

The only things you have to take care of are airplane tickets, a well-organized route itinerary and a reliable vehicle, matching your individual requirements.

All these, plus any necessary tips for your ultimate comfort and satisfaction, can be provided by our experienced and skillful travel advisors. Yours is only the desire to follow your holiday dreams.

Fly and Drive to the mainland

Greece is an adored destination for many travelers over the years and regardless to the more familiar islands, the mainland offers plenty of options for a classical Greek tour holiday that includes visits to many archaeological sites. Visit Greek mainland to enjoy the fascinating culture, the picturesque seaside towns and the magnificent beaches as well.

Fly and Drive to the islands

The Greek islands magnificent beauty is known to many travelers over the years. The warn crystal clear blue seas, the unique character each one has, offering sunny experiences for everyone at every age!

Fly and drive to the Greek islands are including wildly popular islands such as Rhodes and Crete.

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